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Calming Face / Body Oil


A relaxing blend of organic oils that soothe and restore your skin. Apricot Kernel and Jojoba oils deeply nourish and hydrate your skin, providing a smooth and luxurious base that allows for easy application and absorption, without leaving a greasy residue. Lavender relaxes, Sweet Orange soothes, Marjoram calms, Frankincense encourages tranquility and quiets the mind.


How to use: Gently rub 4 - 7 drops of oil onto face and decolletage (that's French for neck and shoulders, ooh la la), distributing evenly. If your skin needs more moisture, repeat. Allow oil to absorb for 3 - 5 minutes before applying further products. Also works well on cuticles and hands. (Try it! They'll thank you!)

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